Prevention of cherry overwintering

Cherry stalks generally occur between early February and early March, mostly due to dry weather, dry air, large winds, and low temperatures. Because of the evaporation of moisture from the aerial parts of the ground, it is quickly lost, but the root system absorbs very little water and cannot completely replace the water lost from the shoots. The branches are in a state of physiological drought, thus showing wrinkles and draining. In addition, the big cherry is shallower than the roots of other tree species, especially the 2-3 year-old saplings, the water absorption capacity is relatively poor, and the degree of keratinization of the branch epidermis is relatively low, and the phenomenon of sticking on the surface of the shoots is particularly serious.

How to prevent drawing

Planting large cherries in a suitable place does not have to be cold-tolerant, but it is not advisable to develop in regions with low temperatures and high winds in early spring.

When choosing the correct site to build a garden, it is better to choose the leeward sunny area for planting. In the winter and spring breeze plots, shelter forests can be artificially constructed to achieve the purpose of preventing cold, increasing temperature, and reducing wind damage. In addition, to have good irrigation conditions, especially in the early spring season to ensure the appropriate soil temperature, can ease the dry air and wind evaporate the water, play a role in preventing draining.

Selection of suitable varieties should be selected drought resistance, cold resistance, strong resistance varieties and rootstocks.

Strengthen the cultivation and management In the management of fertilizer and water, promote the post-control, which can effectively improve the nutritional level of the tree, and promote the safety of young trees and wintering. In the early stage of growth, it can adapt to the application of quick-release fertilizer and promote the growth of new shoots. After July, it is necessary to control the use of available fertilizers, especially the use of nitrogen fertilizers, increase phosphate fertilizers, potash fertilizers, and multi-element compound fertilizers to increase nutrient accumulation in trees and promote full maturation of shoots. In mid-September, it was able to stop growing and effectively control the growth of new shoots. In addition, prevention and control of pests should focus on the prevention and control of trunk diseases and pests. Once the cherry branches have been damaged, the draining of the damaged parts is likely to occur. Therefore, ensure that the branches grow robustly.

Tree protection

Before wrapping the soil with plastic strips, dry the branches from top to bottom with plastic strips and wrap them tightly around one circle. When the buds begin to sprout in the spring of the following year, remove the plastic strips. The newly planted saplings can be covered with long plastic bags on the branches, and the lower part is compacted with soil to prevent draining.

When petrolatum is used to apply Vaseline, apply it from the bottom up and apply evenly and thinly. Try not to apply it to the bud so as not to affect the sprouting of the bud.

Before the film is covered and frozen, the feet are filled with frozen water, and then 100 cm wide mulch film is placed on both sides of the sapling. The soil is pressed around the saplings to maintain the soil moisture, increase the temperature in the early spring, strengthen the root absorption function, and timely replenish the shoot transpiration. The effect of water consumption can effectively prevent large cherry pulls.

Buried soil and earth to protect the saplings planted in the autumn and planted in the autumn and settled in time. Before the soil freezes, bend the seedlings as close to the ground as possible, and then cover the seedlings with soil. In the spring of the second year, the soil was thawed, and after the temperature became stable, the cover soil was removed, and the seedlings were plucked and turned upright. Young 2-3 year-old saplings, in areas with large winter and spring winds, can use a crescent-shaped crucible 50 centimetres high in the north near the branches to play a wind-breaking role.

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