Fruit tree anti-frost freeze-ice technology

1. Bagging protection and seedling protection The fruit seedlings that have been planted in orchards can be covered with snakeskin bags or washed ammonium bicarbonate bags (such as lotus root) and cover tree seedlings; In the form of arches, a thin film is covered, and under the tree pockets, straw or mulch is covered to protect the frost-frozen ice.

2. Increase the temperature with smoke, heat preservation and frost protection Before the frost arrives, the orchard prepares flammable smoke, such as chaff, sawdust, turf, etc., every 10 meters, (a small amount of waste diesel oil can be infiltrated with flammable smoke, which can improve Smoke hot air) ignites flammable smoke on the eve of the frost.

3. Cover the area around the tree tray with straw, straw and other materials covering 10 to 20 cm, or cover it with a plastic film, and use straw to wrap the trunk to increase the soil temperature and protect the tree. The available thin film can cover the entire tree.

4. Spraying plant power 2008 Spraying plant power in time before and after frost, once every 5~7 days, spraying 2~3 times. In order to improve the ability of fruit trees to resist cold, timely restoration of tree vigor.

Airway Management

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