Pigs feeding three observations

The feeding of newly weaned pigs is a very technical job, and the key is that the amount of feed should be appropriate. Because feeding too much or too little will affect its normal growth and development. Excessive feeding can easily lead to indigestion, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. Insufficient feeding can cause the pigs to respond to starvation and is not conducive to healthy growth. How to properly feed the weaned pig?

Observe feed intake

After feeding the pigs, feed intake should be checked promptly to see if there are any leftovers in the feed tank. If there is only a little froth in the tank, no small piles of powdered or pelleted feed are found, indicating that the amount of feed is moderate; if the feed tank is seen to be clean and moist, indicating that the amount of feed is insufficient, the amount of feed should be increased next time. If there are leftovers in the tank, it means that the feeding amount is excessive, and the amount should be reduced as appropriate.

Observe defecation

Observe carefully whether the pig's defecation is normal and adjust the feeding amount according to different situations. The feces of the piglets within 3 days of weaning are coarse and thin, turning from yellow to brown. This is a normal phenomenon (observation of defecation time is usually at 12 to 15 o'clock per day). If the feces becomes soft, the oil shines, and the color is normal, the dosage does not need to be changed; if there is a small amount of sporadic feces in the circle, there are feed particles, indicating that some pigs have overslaught, and the next feeding should be reduced by 20 About %; If you find that the feces was pastey, light gray, and sporadic yellow, there is undigested feed, this is a sign of the occurrence of diarrhea in the whole pig, should stop eating.

Observe the activity

Observe whether the pigs are healthy and lively, and determine the feeding amount accordingly. Feeding the former pigs before they heard the noise swarmed into the trough, the cry is constant, is the performance of hunger, can feed more feed; feed about 10 minutes, the feed in the trough was snatched empty, the pigs are not returned to nest, crowded in the side of the trough Zhang Wang shows that the feeding is insufficient, and can be fed again; the pigs do not respond much to the feeds, and the calls are small and weak, and they do not panic, indicating that they are not hungry and can feed less.

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