Diesel engine should be so water

This phenomenon may be related to the method of releasing water. With the advent of the winter, after the work of the S-series diesel engine with evaporation as the cooling method, the water discharge of the diesel engine has become an important link. If the water is not drained in time or the water discharge method is incorrect, the water is not completely drained, and the cylinder head or the body is easily damaged. Therefore, the correct discharge of water is a basic knowledge that each pilot must know and understand.

First, after the diesel engine works, due to the external environment temperature is too low, put the cooling water should be carried out after the stoppage of the water temperature after 15 minutes, not immediately, otherwise it will be because the airframe and the external environment temperature difference is too large, As a result, some parts of the diesel engine are deformed, which in turn affects the performance of the diesel engine (such as the deformation of the cylinder head).

Second, when the water can not be turned on after the water switch is all right, we should also pay attention to observe the specific status of the water to see if the water flow is smooth, whether there is a small water flow or when the phenomenon of fast and slow. If these conditions occur, it means that the cooling water contains impurities that hinder the normal flow of water. In this case, it is best to remove the water release switch and allow the cooling water to flow out directly from the body. If the water flow is still not smooth, then use a hard and slender steel item such as iron wire to dredge until the water flow.

Third, when the cooling water stops flowing out, it is best to roll the diesel engine a few more times. At this time, the remaining cooling water, which is not easily discharged, will flow due to the vibration of the diesel engine. This will prevent the cylinder head water from freezing and freezing. Falling, the cooling water flows into the oil casing in the future.

Fourth, the operator should also pay attention to, if you do not remove the water switch, etc., after the end of the discharge, the water switch should be in the open state, to prevent those due to a variety of reasons resulting in the remaining cooling water can not flow out and freeze the diesel engine accordingly Parts cause unnecessary losses.

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