Kind of public money winter fine

Winter is a kind of body condition adjustment period. Most farmers are able to respond to the breeding techniques and methods of their mothers in this period. However, they do not know much about the specific breeding techniques of males. In recent days, several farmers have come to inquire about the difference between feeding male and female cubs in the winter season. Now, the relevant farming techniques for winter bream breeding are described below for reference by farmers.

First, the choice of public money. In the main support area, under normal circumstances, the selection and retention of the public breeding species is at the end of the entire breeding period. After the peeling begins, the appearance and the actual “parts” are examined, and the population is finally selected as the public for mating. Hey. The basic requirement is about 7.5 kilograms body weight, pure color, body length 100 cm up and down, genitalia complete, correct. It is important to remember that individuals who are over-hypertrophic are not allowed to be used as breeding grounds. Such breeding grounds often do not work well when they are mated, and some of them cannot fulfill their “responsibilities” because of their huge bodies.

2. After being identified as a species of public breeding, it is immediately transferred to a separate cage for rearing. The cages need to be placed at the rear of the shady area or in the back of the cage. It is strictly forbidden to bred in the sunlit cages and contact with the dam. This is because public males can medicate and recharge in a dark environment; frequent contact with their mother can cultivate their enthusiasm for the opposite sex, which is conducive to the success of mating in the future.

Third, the total amount of feed for the breeding of public breeding materials should, in principle, exceed the number of mothers and daughters. Although there will be changes in the body structure during the adjustment of body condition, the public funds are not very obvious. For its mating "significant task", proper increase in food intake is necessary to ensure its physical strength. Specifically, the amount of flour per day per day is kept at 80 grams, 25 grams of fishmeal, and must not be cut.

Fourth, due to the special physiological structure of the public eel, its estrus time is 10 to 15 days earlier than the mother eel, and it will be estrus one after another in early January. At this time, it will be able to serve as a kind of breeder. At this time, the vast majority of mothers have not yet entered the estrus period. This requires farmers to strive for excellence in the diet of public breeders. The addition of nutrients such as eggs can promote its desire to maintain a strong and lasting state. When you really mated, you can play well and complete the task successfully.

V. For the long-preserved and determined species of public funds, the farmers should also re-screen and re-determine them. Refer to the above-listed standards carefully for “reexamination”. Once obvious defects are found, promptly proceed with the Take the opportunity to redraw the object. It should be said that at this time the lice have been shaped and matured both in shape and in internal organs, and the selection of male raccoon has obvious advantages in quality confirmation and no obvious mistakes will occur.

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