Planting grape seedlings in spring for no reason so far

The villagers planted hundreds of grape seedlings in the spring, but after several months they still did not see germination. Seeing that the grape seedlings are withered, seed sellers say they "just sell saplings, no matter how the tree survives."

In the early summer, the fields should have been green, and the vines of Wang Liulin, a resident of Mabu Village in Chengguan Town, Mengjin County, were still bare.

The grape seedlings in the field were planted by Wang Liulin this spring. Similar to Wang Liulin, there are several in Mabu Village. When Wang Liulin asked, he discovered that each of these sprout-free grape seedlings was bought at a nursery stock shop in the east section of Guihua Avenue. Several family members counted more than 600 of these grape seedlings.

Wang Liulin said that after planting these grape seedlings, each was managed by the distributors. However, after a few months passed, no grape seedling sprouted. As soon as we saw the branch broken, the branch was a dead branch; when we pulled out the roots, the roots had died. This time, several family members of the grape were anxious. Everyone consulted the managers of the nursery stock shops. The operators said that "only sell saplings, no matter how the trees survived," and they blamed them for planting seedlings for their improper planting.

Earlier this month, Wang Liulin and others complained to the local industry and commerce department about the matter. After the industrial and commercial personnel had on-site inspection, they also consulted experts of the Municipal Forestry Bureau. The experts finally determined that the grape seedlings sold by the nursery stock shop were left over for too long, and that the roots had died of water before the next planting.

After several mediations, on the 13th, the distributors finally admit their mistakes, and returned 4,600 yuan of Wang Liulin and others to buy seedlings. The staff of the Municipal Bureau of Forestry reminded the farmers' friends that if diseases or pests occur in the trees or they encounter problems in the planting process, they should contact them in time to seek solutions.

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How to choose high quality fruit seedlings

Look at the root system. High-quality fruit tree seedlings should have a complete, dense, and evenly distributed root system, and at least three lateral roots with a root length of 0.4 cm or more. Roots with severe mechanical damage, little lateral roots, or no lateral roots are inferior seedlings and should not be purchased.

Second, look at the plant shape. Plants stand erect without bending, branches are well distributed, and there are 4 to 5 good branches within the plastic band. Stem has good elasticity, no damage, full top buds, and robust seedlings are high quality fruit seedlings, otherwise it is inferior seedlings.

Look at the buds. More than 6 full-filled axillary buds should be provided in the upper or lower parts of the high quality fruit tree seedlings and within the plastic belt.

Four to see the plant height and stem diameter. The high-quality fruit tree seedlings have a height requirement of 1 meter, and the stem diameter is measured from 8 cm to 10 cm above the healing diameter of grafted seedlings, and a diameter of 0.7 cm to 1 cm is required.

Five to see healing mouth. Some fruit saplings are grafted seedlings on the surface. In fact, it is only cutting the surface of the seedlings at the stems of the corresponding parts of the seedlings. The healing of the wounds is a bit like grafting healing holes. This type of fruit sapling must not be purchased.

Six to see the color. The leaves of high-quality evergreen fruit trees should be kept intact. The leaves should be green, uniform, bright in color, and free from spots, and the top buds should be full and full.

Seven to see if there are no pests and diseases. All the leaves that are chlorotic or deformed, such as shrinkage, obesity, and seedlings with leaf spots, ulcers, rust, root disease, and various quarantine pests should not be used.

Eight see the skin wrinkle dehydration. Fresh skin-colored fruit trees should be selected, preferably seedlings that are currently plucked from the nursery. Seedlings are wrinkled, indicating that they have been dehydrated. Such seedlings are difficult to survive after planting.


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