How can rape be safe for winter

1, cover. Rapeseed fields cover crop stalks, which have a series of functions of preserving earthworms, keeping warmth, inhibiting the growth of weeds, increasing soil organic matter, and increasing yield. When the rapeseed is harvested, the straw is rotted and turned into soil for the bottom basal fertilizer. Each year, it can effectively increase soil fertility and improve soil structure. The specific method: before the arrival of the cold (usually in mid-December) per acre with chopped straw, comminuted grass, ash and other 150 to 250 kg evenly covered in the rapeseed rows, with grass not cover seedlings, land is not suitable for dew . Has a good antifreeze effect.

2, earth. The narrow neck section of rape is an important storage place for wintering nutrients. When it is exposed outside, it is vulnerable to freezing injury and death when it encounters a severe cold current. The root of peony root has the function of protecting and preventing freezing and can effectively prevent the cold current from invading, and can also prevent late lodging. It is an important technical measure for safe wintering of rapeseed. In mid-and late December, the roots were cultivated by means of cultivator.

3, top dressing. The topdressing of wax can increase the soil temperature, increase the cold-resistance of rapeseed, and make it possible to use part of the fertilizer to apply it in spring so that the rape will grow steadily after spring. In particular, due to late planting, slow growth, small seedlings, poor resistance to cold rape, but also early application, re-application of wax fertilizer. The wax fertilizer is dominated by organic fertilizers, which are generally between 600 and 800 kilograms of livestock manure in Mushi, and 5 to 6 kilograms of urea in mid-to late December. Combined with cultivator soil, the fertilizer is applied to the roots of rapeseed and can be top-dressed and then cultivated. To reduce fertilizer loss.

4, control. The spraying of paclobutrazol in the middle and late December of a rapeseed field with early planting, strong growth, and long growing trend has the effect of controlling the growth and preventing freezing damage, which is conducive to safe wintering of rapeseed. Generally, 15% of paclobutrazol per acre is sprayed with 80--100 grams of water and 40 kg of water. Early onset of early emergence has been removed, picking moss should be selected sunny, picking up the growth point (large bean) can be, and apply the appropriate amount of fast-acting fertilizer, inhibit the growth of the main stem, and promote branch growth.

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