Corn flakes processing

The corn flakes are flaked, pale yellow, fat-free, nutrient-rich, mellow and delicious, and easily digested and absorbed. Soy milk, porridge, milk, juice, etc. are served as breakfast, which is very convenient.
There are two kinds of processing methods: one is to use corn peel endosperm as raw material, the processing of spices by steaming, tableting and baking process to produce finished products, called cooking process; second is to add seasoning after extrusion After making it gelatinized, it can be processed into finished products by cutting and baking. During the extrusion process, the added spices are mainly sugar, salt, spices, etc., and some also add appropriate amounts of calcium, soy protein and so on.
In addition, corn flour which has been dehulled and exfoliated is treated with acid and alkali, ground into flakes, and baked and fried to make corn fried chips. Excerpt from: China National Agricultural Products Processing Information 2006.06

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