Fox estrus identification and breeding

2-4 months each year is the fox's estrus breeding season, in which silver black fox and red fox breed in 2-3 months, blue fox in 3-4 months estrus breeding, in this season, the public fox is always in estrus. The estrus scrotum of the estrus was drooping, excited, and the amount of activity increased, chasing the female fox's buzzing cry. When the female fox estrus, the spirit is disturbed, loss of appetite, urination frequency conversion, often using the tongue to lick the external genitalia. The performance of female external fox genitalia: the early vulva swollen and valgus; in the mid-term, the vulva was swollen, valgus, pink, clitoris exposed, round or oval, secretions were white, yellow curd-like, this time for the heat During the peak period (usually lasting 2-3 days), the most likely to accept mating; late vaginal contraction, swelling, decreased secretions, dry mucous membranes, is the end of estrus.

In addition to observing the behavior of the female fox, the genitalia observation method is mainly based on the changes in the vulva. After the female fox is estrus, the change of the vulva is divided into several stages, namely, the early stage of estrus, the stage of estrus, and the stage of estrus. In order to facilitate the observation of changes in the estrus of the female fox, the pre-estrus is usually divided into the pre-estrus stage and the first stage of estrus.

The first phase of estrus: the estrus female fox begins to swell and the pubic hair separates, exposing the vulva, and the vagina has a discharge with a special odor, which is unsettling and active. This period generally lasts 2 to 3 days, but some female foxes last for about 1 week or longer.

The first two stages of estrus: The female fox is swollen and swollen, flat and bright, and hard and inelastic when touched. Vaginal secretions are pale in color. When they are right, they chase each other and play. When the male fox tries to copulate and climb, the female fox does not raise the tail and turns back to bite the male fox and refuses to mate. This period lasts 1 to 2 days.

Estrus: The degree of swelling of the vulva varies, the swelling surface disappears brightly and wrinkles appear. When it touches, it is not soft, elastic, and fades. Vaginal discharge thick white secretions. The appetite of the female fox decreased, and some female foxes stopped eating for 1 to 2 days. At this time, when the male and female foxes are released, the female fox behaves quietly. When the fox approaches, the female fox actively lifts the tail to one side and accepts the mating, which is the most suitable time for mating. Silver foxes last for 2 to 3 days, and arctic foxes last 3 to 5 days. Of course, there are special circumstances. The fox of the first foetus of young foxes is not as typical as the above situation, but it can be flexibly controlled according to the trial situation.

Late estrus: The genital area has gradually shrunk and its color has turned white. When it is put right, it shows alertness to the fox and refuses to mate. You can stop playing right now.

Quiet period: The vulva is covered by pubic hair. If you do not see it, the cleft is small

The success of breeding animals in the mating period is directly related to the direct interests of the breeder.

The fox must have the following key links during the heat period:

1 Rusty and unheated

The fox's estrus is obviously symptomatic, such as: Loss of appetite, walking around in cage nets, crickets often make "squeak" calls, showing desire for courtship, and foxes often make long call. The female beast also showed urinary frequency, yellowish urine, thickening of the labia, deep color, white mucus out of the vagina; the beast became docile, the tail often tilted, willing to kiss the mother animal. Find the above performance can be placed on breeding. However, some mother animals, although estrus, have no performance in behavior. This is called implicit estrus. Special attention must be paid to this kind of female beast, and trials should be conducted to prevent misfits.

2 Refusal and Spouse

Some female animals have estrus symptoms observed from the vagina, but when they are dismissed, there are several reasons for this phenomenon: First, the female animal has inflammation of the reproductive organs; Second, it is not in the estrus period; Third, the performance of mate selection. Once the male and female beast disreporters with estrus characteristics are discovered, they must change their spouses, but do not change them frequently, so that the female beasts become disliked and form evil spirits. Don't be too eager to put on the unestrused female beast to avoid biting.

3 true match and mismatch

True match and mis-alignment, fox is better to identify, because the fox and the dog mating similar, stay up to more than half an hour, but different but not easy to identify, until the public to climb, hip muscle twitching, mother roll over and howling, public After the mother is separated, the mother's genitals must be inspected. Congestion or spillage of the secretions is found. For example, if a male mastiff climbs over, a female mastiff does not stand up, does not bark, and there is no congestion in the genitals, it is an anal mistake. The appropriate timing should be selected to promote the transaction again.

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