Four simple methods for identifying agricultural oil

At present, a variety of counterfeit and inferior oil products flood the market and farmers suffer from it. Therefore, it is very necessary for the agricultural machinery households to determine the oil identification method. Identification of oil can be used to see, two smells, three touch, plus shake.
1. Look at the color light diesel oil is tea yellow, diesel, oil, green and blue to dark brown, gear oil according to the different models have black to dark green, grease: calcium-based grease yellow-brown, sodium-based grease yellow or Light brown, calcium-sodium base grease is light yellowish white.
2. Smell the smell of diesel, oil has a pungent odor, gear oil has a burnt flavor, light diesel oil has a heavier diesel oil, calcium-based grease organic oil flavor.
3. Hand-diesel light diesel oils are hand-actuated and have a smooth oily feel. Diesel oil and engine oil are more viscous, turbulent in water, and slightly emulsified to pull short filaments. The gear oil is sticky and can not be wiped off easily. Grease: Ca-based grease is not emulsified, smooth and non-smooth; calcium-based grease is emulsified by kinetic energy, and can be drawn; calcium-salt-based grease is not emulsified, and it does not touch hands.
4. Bottling, shaking, light diesel, and colorless transparent glass bottles, about 2/3 of the height, shaking observation, the oil does not hang the bottle, the resulting bubbles are small, disappearing slightly slower. Shake the diesel and oil to bottling, soak and hardly disappear, and hang the bottle with oil. Shaking gear oil bottling, oil hanging bottles for a long time, the bottle is not clean. The above simple identification methods only roughly identify the characteristics of commonly used oils, and correctly distinguish the oil materials by identifying the brand numbers.

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