Winter greenhouse vegetable fertilization should pay attention to what

Many farmers in the greenhouse vegetable production, the application of fertilizer overtime, large quantities, resulting in soil compaction, root vegetables, roots and other phenomena, has seriously affected the economic efficiency of greenhouse vegetables. According to the author's many years of practical experience, it is suggested that the following four points should be applied to the fertilization of vegetable shed vegetables: Organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers are combined. Although some fertilized fertilizers contain humic acid, inorganic fertilizers mainly include nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and urea. In the short term, the vegetables grow well, but they lack long-term effects. The combination of topdressing and rushing fertilizers is mainly based on multi-component fertilizers, and the combination of topdressing and rushing is used. On the one hand, the problem of surface roots need fertilizer is solved. On the other hand, top dressing can activate soil layers, increase root system, and alleviate fertilizer effect. . Combination of Dashui and Xiaoshui Chong Shi Many farmers, regardless of the seedling stage and the result period, have applied large-scale irrigation and fertilization, making the fertilizer and water excessively large and causing disease, rot, and rooting. Regardless of bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and chemical fertilizers, seedling fertilizers should be seen, and the amount of fertilizers should be used rationally, and the cultivating and loosening of soils should be timely and timely. Biofertilizer combined with chemical fertilizer Biofertilizer contains more than ten kinds of beneficial bacteria. It has the function of activating soil and regulating nutrients. In combination with inorganic fertilizer (fertilizer), it can relieve fertilizer damage, increase soil organic matter, and promote root development.

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