How to use pesticides more safely

In the application process of pesticides, many people do not understand how to use the drugs more safely, and only operate according to the habits, resulting in pesticide poisoning. Therefore, farmers must pay attention to the following points when applying pesticides:

1. Strengthen labor protection

Applicators should wear trousers, long trousers, gloves, and masks so as not to expose the skin. Bathe and change clothes immediately after application. Minors, people with dermatoses or mental illnesses, people who have not recovered from skin damage, people whose bodies have not been completely recovered after pesticide poisoning, people who have just had alcohol, men who have menstrual periods, gestational periods, breastfeeding, etc. No pesticides should be applied.

2, adjust the application time

The time of spraying should be as early as 10 o'clock in the morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon to avoid the high temperature period at noon. When applying pesticides, the spraying personnel must stand on the air outlet and spray it forward.

3, control the amount of pesticides

In the high temperature season, it is necessary to reduce the dosage appropriately, increase the amount of liquid to be sprayed, and use an effective low concentration as much as possible to prevent the poisoning of the sprayer and the occurrence of phytotoxicity to the crop.

4, prohibition, grazing, fasting

In the newly-applied plots, clear signs should be set up to remind people not to mow grass, grazing, and eating fruits to prevent human and animal poisoning.

5, proper storage of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical machinery, pesticides and used pesticides equipment to special inventory, medicine bottles, medical equipment can not be cleaned in the fish pond, but can not use drug bottled oil vinegar.

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