Nine ways to increase the benefits of pig breeding in winter

To do a good job of raising pigs in winter should focus on the issue of protecting the cold. The following nine main methods must be mastered.

1, increase the temperature of the pig house. There are many ways to increase the temperature of pig houses, but there are four simple, economic, and practical methods. One is an open-type pig house covered with plastic film. It is best to cover the double-layer plastic film, although the cost is higher than the single-layer plastic film coverage, but the insulation effect is better. This approach is suitable for fat and non-lactating sows. The second is the boiler-type heating supply in closed pig-raising workshops. The third is the open-type heating heating and plastic film covering the piggery. The fourth is heating heating plus electric heater, suitable for nursing sows.

2. The walls of the pig house should be thick and tight. The back wall, gable, and front wall of the pig house should be increased in the winter. For this purpose, crop stalks can be stacked and adobe can be temporarily built. It is best to thicken the outer walls when the pig house is built. Obsolete pig houses must seal the wall, doors and windows of the gap.

3, pigskin floor should be dry. Fecal sewage should be promptly removed and cleaned. In order to facilitate drying, the piggery should be made of concrete floor.

4, increase the bed. In the piggy stage, where conditions permit, it is best to use warm sheets such as wood boards, bamboo boards, thick fiber boards, etc., and without preconditions, cement precast boards can be laid.

5, do not let the pig drink cold water. Warm the cold water and let the pigs drink it.

6, increase the feeding frequency. The purpose of increasing the number of feeds is to relatively increase the feed intake to compensate for the weight loss caused by the body fat and intramuscular metabolism of heat due to low temperature. Where conditions permit, it is best to take free food. Feeding can be added at night in places where feeding is scheduled.

7. Moderately increase the energy level in the feed. It can increase about 10% on the basis of the original feed energy level. The big pigs are low and the pigs are high. Piglets can be supplemented with high-energy feeds for fats and oils. Big pigs can increase the amount of common energy feeds such as corn in batches.

8, appropriately increase the stocking density. When the stocking density is high, each pig's floor space is reduced, and when lying down, they can be warmly attached to one another. At the same time, when the pigs are kept at high density, their body heat is also increased, which is conducive to raising the temperature inside the house.

9. Increase the lighting area of ​​pig houses. When the pig house is built, it is necessary to consider the lighting area of ​​the pig house. The open-type pig house should have a large open area in order to prepare the winter covered plastic film for easy lighting. Closed pig houses are to be reserved in the south wall and the roof to prepare for the installation of glass in winter.

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