How to Guarantee the Feeding of Chickens in Winter

The level of feed intake is related to the metabolic energy in the feed and is related to intestinal digestion and absorption. Premix can indeed determine the level of chicken feed intake, because some feed will be added to improve the metabolic energy of fats or enzymes, and some low-priced feed is added in a limited amount. Therefore, we recommend that the use of feed should be based on high-priced, high-quality products.

Especially in winter, in order to ensure the normal metabolism of chickens, the majority of farmers should also pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Keeping the temperature of a suitable chicken house, it is best not to put the chicken cage next to the wall. The temperature of the wall is lower. On the one hand, the low temperature will increase the feed intake. On the other hand, it will reduce the chicken's immunity and reduce the production of chickens. performance.

In cold winters, chickens need more calories and should be given hot water to the chickens to drink warm water. At the very least, the feed to be fed should be controlled at room temperature.

2. If the corn moisture used is higher than 15%, you should increase the amount of corn or add oil to increase the energy concentration of the feed.

3. If using chowder to formulate diets, we must consider the balance of nutrients such as energy proteins and the utilization of chopped protein energy. Otherwise, the surface cost will be reduced, but the feed intake will increase, and the actual cost may be higher.

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