The pharmaceutical industry ushered in the golden decade

“The next 10 years will be the golden year for China's pharmaceutical industry.” Guo Fanli, a research fellow of China Investment Advisor Pharmaceutical Industry, is optimistic.

This year's government work report describes the priorities and goals of various work in 2010. There are roughly 10 points in the work involving medicine and people's livelihood. The first is medical insurance; the second is the implementation of the essential medicine system; the third is to promote the concentration of essential medicines. Purchasing and unified distribution; the fourth is the construction plan of urban and rural primary health care institutions and the cultivation of talents; the fifth is the improvement of the compensation mechanism for primary health care institutions; and the sixth is the service system that promotes the cooperation and mutual referral of medical and health institutions; Seventh, it is to increase emergency response capacity for public health emergencies; the eighth is the reform of public hospitals; the ninth is about social capital entering the medical and health field; the last point is to support the development of Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine.

Guo Fanli pointed out to reporters of the “China Sankei Shimbun” that these 10 points have sounded a clarion call for the smooth development of China’s pharmaceutical industry in 2010. The next 10 years will be the “golden decade” for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. There are mainly 3 Factors: The first is the new medical reform. As the effect of the new medical reform will emerge in the next 3-5 years, it will have a greater effect on the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The second is the support of national policies. The benefits of these policies will be The future will have an impact on the Chinese medicine and biopharmaceutical industry for a long period of time. Finally, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the importance of life and health. In addition, coupled with the aging of the population, this will prompt the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to usher in “gold”. ten years".

UnionPay believes that the market size of China's biopharmaceutical industry will increase from 32.0 billion yuan in 2006 to 63 billion yuan in 2010. By 2010, biochemical pharmaceuticals will occupy 33% of the market share, and biogenetic drugs will develop rapidly, occupying 27% of the total. Share. Blood products account for approximately 30% of the total biopharmaceutical market, and diagnostic reagents account for approximately 10% of the market's share.

CSC expects that with the continuous advancement of the new healthcare reform and the country’s bias in funding and policy, it is expected that by 2015 China’s Chinese medicine industry will exceed the trillion-billion mark, but achieving such a goal still requires the Chinese medicine industry to scale up. To increase the level of investment, the implementation of sustainable development.

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