Skillfully promote ovulation in sows

Enhanced feeding and management of sows The cold weather in winter has an impact on the sow's health and ovulation. At the same time, the sows with their cubs are in a state of intense production and consume a lot of their physique. Therefore, the sow's husbandry and management must be strengthened during this period to meet the needs of various nutrients so that the sow can obtain comprehensive nutrients. Pay attention to the amount of feed, such as fish meal, blood meal, bean cake, bone meal, carrot, pumpkin and other protein, minerals, and vitamins. If fed properly, sows with larvae usually develop estrus 3-5 days after weaning, and can ovulate and breed normally.

For fattening sows who are over-fat, they must reduce their calving and reduce their calving. During the rearing process, empty-sow sows that are over-fat have to take measures to cut down and reduce their calving. Because the sow is too fat in any season, it often fails to ovulate normally. As a sow for breeding, it is advisable to use a body condition that is not fat or skinny.

Artificial aphrodisiac promotes ovulation in normal oestrus of estrus-inducing sows and infertile gilts, and can use artificial aphrodisiac measures, such as heterosexual induction method, control of lactation time aphrodisiac method, nesting method, early weaning piglet weaning, massage of breasts, Hormone aphrodisiac can achieve better aphrodisiac effects.

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