Spring seeding check 3 look

Now that it is time to prepare seeds for spring sowing, farmers' friends must pay more attention and more inspections when they purchase seeds. Checking the seeds is an important task before spring sowing. Because the quality of the seed has a great relationship with the seedling rate and seedling strength. In order to ensure the seedlings and seedlings of spring planting crops, it is necessary to select seeds that are full, orderly, and strong. So, how do you check the spring seeds?

First, look at the purity of the seeds: 200 seeds were first removed from the spring sow seeds, and then compared with the main traits of the pure seed, and the purity of the 100 seeds was finally calculated. The purity of seeds used in production should be controlled at more than 95%.

Second, to see the seeds of impurities: first remove a certain weight of the spring sowing seeds, and then pick out the impurities, and then call its weight, and finally calculate the percentage of seed cleanliness. The degree of purity of seeds used in production should generally be above 97%.

Third, to see the seed germination rate: first remove the spring sowing seeds 200, and divided into two, respectively, in the germinator, germination test at a suitable temperature, the use of ordinary germination method, available several plates, plate filter paper or A layer of cotton, and add water to make it moist, and then put a certain number of seeds neatly and evenly placed on the top, put the plate near the stove or on the fire, so after about 7 days, you can see the number of seed germination Finally, the seed germination rate was calculated. Where the production of seeds, the germination rate should be above 95%.

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