8 kinds of wrong breakfast, affect health and accelerate aging

The following groups of foods are available for everyone to "remedy":

(1) a few slices of whole wheat bread + a bottle of yogurt + a few grains of cherry fruit = nutritionally acceptable breakfast (2) tea eggs + sesame paste + oranges = nutritionally acceptable breakfast (3) oatmeal + a cup of soy milk + small walnut or Almond = nutritionally acceptable breakfast (4) baked sweet potato + small peanut + a banana = nutritionally acceptable breakfast If you can not even eat a qualified breakfast, then drink a glass of honey water, eat a few peanuts, or eat a few cookies A cup of yoghurt, although it is not up to standard, is better than not eating at all.

Self-test your breakfast is eligible?

The food for breakfast should be varied and reasonable. According to the number of food types to assess whether breakfast nutrition is sufficient. If breakfast is included:

1, cereals;

2, animal food (meat, egg);

3, milk and dairy products;

4. Four types of foods such as vegetables and fruits are sufficient for breakfast; if only 3 of them are included, the nutrition for breakfast is more adequate; if only 2 or less of them are included, the nutrition for breakfast is not sufficient. .

The energy provided by breakfast should account for 25% to 30% of the total energy of the day. Adult breakfast food, cereals 100 grams, you can choose steamed bread, bean bags, cereals, bread, noodles, porridge, etc.; moderate amounts of protein foods such as meat, eggs, milk, soy products, etc.; 100 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of fruit. Different ages, labor-intensive individuals need different amounts of energy and food, should be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

1, the sooner the better the breakfast = typical mistakes Many habits to get up early in the morning after 5 or 6 o'clock to get up immediately after eating breakfast, think that this can be timely to supplement the body is also conducive to absorption, but in fact breakfast too early not only for health Unprofitable may also hurt the stomach.

Suggestions: It is advisable to drink water after getting up, make up for water consumption during sleep activities, and eat breakfast after 20 to 30 minutes.

2, snacks serve as breakfast = typical mistakes but usually hungry to eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks can but with snacks as the most important breakfast for three meals a day, it is very unscientific. Most of the snacks are dry foods, which are not conducive to digestion and absorption for the body in the semi-dehydrated state in the morning. Although biscuits and other snacks, the main raw materials of cereals, can provide energy in a short time, they will soon cause the body to feel hungry again. Significantly decreased, breakfast snacks easily lead to nutritional deficiency leads to decreased physical fitness easily lead to the invasion of various diseases.

Recommendation: not to replace breakfast with snacks, especially do not eat too much dry food. Breakfast should contain enough water if the breakfast is too dry on the same day you can add a cucumber.

3. "Frying Stir and Soymilk" as a typical error of breakfast is compared to Westernization "Milk and Eggs". The Chinese traditional "Frying Stir and Soymilk" is favored by more people. However, “fat sticks and soymilk” is not conducive to health. The fritters are destroyed during high-temperature frying and produce carcinogenic substances, which are detrimental to human health. In addition, the fritters have the same high fat and high calorie content as fried foods. They are not easily digested in the morning, and soybean milk is also a medium-fat food. The amount of fat in the breakfast mix is ​​obviously not suitable for long-term consumption.

Suggestion: breakfast should eat less milk soy sauce should not exceed two times a week; the day of lunch, dinner should be as light as possible do not eat fried, fried, fried food and pay attention to add more vegetables.

4, leftovers when the breakfast = typical mistakes?

Many families "mother" will do more at dinner, the next morning to the children and their families to do fried rice or to heat up the rest of the meal, so that breakfast is easy to produce, rich in content is basically the same as the dinner, is usually considered a comprehensive nutrition However, in fact, vegetables may produce nitrite after overnight meals, which may harm human health.

Suggestion: Try not to eat any leftover vegetables; be sure to keep the rest of your food as a breakfast so as not to deteriorate; take food out of the refrigerator and heat it thoroughly.

5, roadside meal when the breakfast = typical mistakes on the road to buy breakfast while walking and eating, manual foot movements full body movement, working in a family hurry to spend in the morning, especially from the unit away from the unit far breakfast is often resolved on the road, the district entrance, bus Near the station, it sells buns, tea eggs, pork chops, pancakes and other foods.

Eating while walking is not conducive to digestive and absorption of gastrointestinal health; in addition, street foods often have hidden health problems and may be imported from the mouth.

Suggestion: If you choose street stall food for breakfast, you should pay attention to the health of the two best buy home or go to the unit to eat as much as possible not to eat breakfast on the road to avoid damage to health.

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