Aike Kaieng Technology Xiong Zhenyu: Prospects for Laser Surgery Medical Industry

The DEMO CHINA2008 Innovation China event hosted by was held at the Tsinghua Science Park in Beijing. Founded in 1990 by DEW Magazine, DEMO is a large-scale annual forum for innovative projects that showcase project advantages for investors, entrepreneurs and global media, find venture capital, and develop business partners. In 2008, DEMO CHINA also introduced the concept of division area for the first time in the form of activities, mainly distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other major entrepreneurial booming cities. Each sub-sector will conduct a preliminary screening of the projects enrolled, and the selected projects will be the final match in Beijing.

The following are the prospects of the laser surgery medical industry and the VC interactive content of Aikenengeng Technology Xiong Zhenyu:

Aikenengeng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xiong Zhenyu: Good afternoon, experts! I am Xiong Zhenyu, the general manager of Aikeneng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Short film) This is a less-easy topic. In fact, in addition to diet, drinking water and living habits can cause stones. Our country is a high-incidence country with stones. For some stones, surgery must be performed. Traditional surgery is now replaced by advanced minimally invasive surgery. Laser technology is the support technology of minimally invasive technology, holmium laser is a typical representative, and gravel is its typical application. After the first reference to private capital in 2005, we developed a high-power holmium laser for gravel. It was in that year that only two of the world were able to produce such high-end products, and we were the third. In 2006, we obtained the product license of the State Food and Drug Administration and obtained the project support from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2007, the product was included in the national telecom product plan, which means that this brand is the only one in the country.

In the second year, we sold the market's first market share, which is 40% market share, higher than the second brand, 10% of internationally renowned brands, sales revenue exceeded 10 million, and nearly one million profits and taxes. At present, we have nearly 100 users, including large, medium and small hospitals in 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. There are also high-end hospitals, such as Peking University Hospital in Beijing, Zhongshan Hospital in Guangzhou, and Tongji Hospital in Wuhan. On the basis of the success of holmium laser, we have invested in R&D investment from the investment, and developed the holmium laser used now to be more powerful, and the clinical application range is wider. I will increase the sales amount for one more range. This is very functional. With a powerful laser lithotripsy system, we invented two patented products, as well as internationally original minimally invasive perfusion technology. With perfusion technology, we have developed an integrated surgical device, combined with our existing laser knives, to expand the clinical scope to treatments such as prostate, tumor, disc herniation and oral cavity. In fact, laser beauty is also an area of ​​concern. The beauty machine currently developed has the functions of skin rejuvenation, freckle and hair loss. Compared with imports, we are technically advanced, but we have obvious advantages in terms of cost and service. Our four products are listed in the specialties, and we believe that with your participation, we can exceed 10 million sales revenue in 2011, and in fact can guarantee a net profit of 20%, strive for 2012. In the domestic GEM IPO. In order to achieve this goal, we need to put the above four products, that is, the laser knife, laser lithotripsy system, the beauty equipment and the integrated original method just mentioned, and carry it in five special items. Clinical validation. There is also the construction of the clinical body, which is to be a retail sample store in the future. We estimate that it needs 23 million, of which 15 million will be raised through equity financing. My statement is here, thank you to the judges and experts.

Shang Xuan: If you don't understand it wrong, you are providing equipment, and your customer is a hospital.

Xiong Zhenyu: Right.

Shang Xuan: This competition is very intense. I don't know what your opening market is.

Xiong Zhenyu: This is already a story. We have opened up the market. We have 40% market share and nearly 100 hospitals. In fact, the company's advantages are technological advancement and market execution capabilities. So when we opened the market, we had four essentials at the time. First of all, my products must be very good. Second, we have a differentiated competition policy and policy. You have a good policy, we have technical sales, for example, different from the policy. If you import Chinese medicine, you can invite it to open an academic annual meeting abroad. We are different from it. Third, you have a good policy and need a good team. In fact, our team is stunted, but in the implementation process, we need to cultivate the company's culture and ideas to achieve their goals.

Shang Xuan: I think your annual growth rate is not very large, and there will be a profit of 25 million in three years until 2010. I don't think your market approach has found a very effective way. For example, what is the way you open the market now? Because most hospitals are state-owned, how do you open the market? I understand that there are many modes of equipment with hospitals, one is the rental method and the other is the cooperation method. Open this market and your development will be faster.

Xiong Zhenyu: There are many ways, one is to sell my equipment to the hospital. The sales method depends on the strength of the company. Like now I don't have money, I can only use the way of selling and make money by developing. Another question I just mentioned is that I would like to answer this question. Everyone is familiar with the IT market and think about the medical equipment market in the IT market. We want to help you understand the idea of ​​"orange and apple. You can say that the IT market is big, it is an apple. But the oranges have some subdivided markets, because they have to be eaten one by one because it is limited by technology. But after a good company, after the initial accumulation, I think the speed of the later stage is multiplied with the orange. relationship.

Li Junjun: How much does a piece of equipment sell?

Xiong Zhenyu: There are four varieties of é’¬ laser this machine, the most expensive in the market is 890,000. There are some channels to sell in the middle. It was sold at the earliest time of four hundred and fifty thousand. It is a series of varieties.

Li Weijun: Compared with imported goods, where is its advantage?

Xiong Zhenyu: Before 2006, the difference was almost half the difference. For example, we have 800,000, they are 1.6 million. At this year, they are 800,000 and we are also 800,000. In other words, we are confident to tell you that it is not entirely dependent on the price, but also the stability and reliability of the service and equipment. Of course, the brand has an advantage, but Aikekai has already had a brand.

Li Weijun: What is the scope of Maori?

Yuan Wenda: For us, it is probably between 50% and 60%.

Li Weijun: In 2007, he made more than 6 million yuan of sales. In 2007, he made more than 10 million sales. From 2006 to the end of 2008, he maintained a 40% market share. It sounds like the market is not very big, do you have a correct estimate of the growth prospects of this market, or your estimate of market share is not correct.

Xiong Zhenyu: The data we reported is sales. In fact, it is the number of invoices. I just mentioned that more than 10 million is the winning amount. If we say the amount of the winning bid, first we will say that 2005-2006, 2006-2007 is 300%. The speed is growing. From last year to this year, the market share has gradually increased, and we are increasing at a rate of 100%. Last year, there were 7 million, and the invoice sales this year could reach 14 million. In the medical market, if apples and oranges are similar to the whole, the problem is that I can only eat one piece of orange to represent an industry. I just talked about why we should use money to develop new varieties and fields. In fact, we have to eat oranges and several other petals, because we eat one by one, of course, the first two years to eat a piece of orange, now we eat the rest of the four products, five areas, then I may take Five times the sales.

Sun Wenhai: You often compare apples and oranges to the IT market and the medical device market. But you have to think, when you are eating your petal orange, people are eating another petal orange, how do you guarantee...

Xiong Zhenyu: ... First of all, you must answer well. When it entered the market in 2005 and 2006, the internationally strong big names already accounted for a large part of the orange. But in 2007, I accounted for 40%. At that time, the company had no name and no brand, and the market did not know. At that time, I developed a variety, which is different today. I have developed four varieties. I have a brand... a conservative industry. Once it develops, it will not be developed. So we have a multiplication effect behind the oranges and apples. ... can eat 40%, may eat 60% later. Sun Wenhai: ... Is the market too small? You can simply take this number for you. For example, this year's income accounts for 40% of the entire market, and the entire market is 25 million yuan. This market is not very big. Your market is a money orange, and money orange is not enough to eat. ...just like a lot of people can do a CD machine, but he can't do a good X-ray machine. Or you want to get the gravel machine done, the next one to enter other fields, the professional span is quite large. A doctor who specializes in brain surgery can't do surgery for thoracic surgery. I have not received a satisfactory answer to this question.

Xiong Zhenyu: I want to introduce an example. In 2006, we went to a hospital in Shanghai to find the equipment chief. At that time, there was a standard for them to buy my equipment. He said, I will not eat you this crab. Up to now, we have nearly one hundred customers, and there are indeed minor differences. It is also very difficult for others to do it. The question is how fast you can run, and we are also very confident, and indeed our speed confirms this.


Sun Wenhai: ... the grapefruit is so big.

Shang Xuan: You haven't answered this question just now... The hospital is not very accepting about micro-innovative technology. There are many surgeons who are unemployed. If the hospital's president is a surgeon, you have to be unemployed. We feel that this industry is big, but you have not analyzed it. If in the future, after many years, there are 10 billion markets, 2 billion markets, and you now analyze tens of percent...25 million market, what is the speed of the market increase? Why is there such an increase? If it is increased like this, it will still be a small market after many years. You have four competitors. First, why do you keep the first position? This market is not very big, maybe I will change the line, and chain hospitals may make money. There is a hospital that does this thing, it is very profitable, you bring in your technology and you can make money. You really don't see much rights in this device.

Xiong Zhenyu: ... Our winning bid amounted to more than 12 million. We have investigated the gravel machine itself, and the development of the whole time is 1 billion. It has a space for development.

Shang Xuan: If you don't have a market of hundreds of millions, then change quickly.

Pan Xiaofeng: Of course it is not.

Xiong Zhenyu: In 2007, it was 60 billion.

Pan Xiaofeng: Is it a big part of the rebate?

Xiong Zhenyu: This question is not easy to answer, but this is an inevitable phenomenon in the medical field, of course, Siemens...

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