The magical effect of seaweed fertilizer

The magical effect of seaweed fertilizer Seaweed fertilizer is a representative of the advanced fertilizers in the world today. Extensive use in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries shows that seaweed fertilizer can promote early maturation of crops, increase production and improve quality, in the preservation of crops and resistance to diseases and insect pests, etc. can also play a significant role. Jinbao seaweed fertilizer has unparalleled advantages over chemical fertilizers in terms of stress resistance, natural activity, non-toxicity, and no pollution; it is better than conventional leaves in promoting crop root development, improving quality, and enhancing disease resistance, cold resistance and drought resistance. The effect of surface fertilizer is significant.
Jinbao Seaweed Bio-Bacterial Fertilizer is based on seaweed fertilizer with a large number of effective bacteria (single cell algae content ≥ 1.0106/ml), using the decomposition of microorganisms to activate the soil and biological nitrogen fixation and phosphate solution, potassium solution. It is imported from Australia, and is made from the latest international microbiology engineering technology and technological methods. It is a pure, nutritious, non-toxic and non-polluting nutritive ingredient that was isolated and purified from marine organisms and developed by Seiko. Naturally-enriched, broad-spectrum, latest-generation liquid microbial fertilizer can be widely used in crops such as grain, vegetables, fruit trees, forage grasses, medicinal herbs, seedlings, and flowers. It is magic because it has magical effects, mainly in:
1. Inspire crop cell vigor, increase photosynthetic products, promote plant growth, and increase yield by 10-30%.
2, to promote rooting, weak seedlings become strong seedlings, can quickly restore Lai Miao, stiff seedlings, yellow leaves, leaf rolling, defoliation and other deficiency factors.
3, regulate physiological metabolism, promote leaf bud differentiation, early bud; mention the morning city 5-7 days.
4, to enhance disease resistance, drought resistance, cold-resistant ability; repellent pests, there are obvious control effects on crop diseases.
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