Premature cultivation technique of warm crater covered with watermelon mulch

In recent years, production practices have proved that the adoption of a new technology for mulching warm pits and rushing early to harvest live watermelon is an important way to achieve early maturation and high yield. It is a simple and effective new method created through research and improvement on the basis of appropriate live film coverage. Its advantages are: First, it improves the ground temperature and improves the microclimate of seedling growth; Second, it sows in advance, and it is 10~ 15 days; the third is early maturity, the morning market, significant benefits.

First, the practice of warm pits

(I) Digging the pit

On the entire sown ridge, the planting pit was digged according to the spacing of the plants. Pit depth of 15 ~ 18cm, and then into the pit into the fermented organic fertilizer 0.5 to 1.0 kg, soil manure mixing, made deep 10 ~ 12cm, width 15 ~ 18cm shallow pit.

(b) sowing, earth covering

The bottom of the pit is filled with water. After the water has penetrated, 2 to 3 seeds that have been soaked or germinated are sown. After sowing, it covers 2 to 3 cm of wet fine soil.

(c) Covered film

Immediately after the completion of the broadcast mulch, mulch film should be flat, straight, tight cover in the ridge, each seeding pit formed a single underground greenhouse. Under sunlight, not only the ground temperature is raised, but also the temperature of the seeding pit is significantly increased, forming a warm pit of light energy heating.

Second, species selection

This method can be used for early maturation. If early-maturing varieties are used, their early maturing effects will be better. Both early-maturing and middle-late-maturing varieties can be used, both of which are mature earlier than ordinary plastic film.

Third, the appropriate sowing

Usually the appropriate sowing date is 10-15 days earlier than the general film covering, that is, 10-15 days before the final frost sowing is appropriate. The specific sowing time should be based on the local climate conditions.

Fourth, breaking the membrane seedlings

After the night frost has passed and the temperature is steadily rising, we must promptly break the membrane and put the seedlings in a timely manner. Take out 2-4 pieces of real-leaved seedlings from the warm pit and take out the membrane. Use the hand to slightly flatten the underground pit and use the wet soil to put rhizomes. Department and membrane cover tightly compacted, so that the melon seedlings grow in the open, the roots are still growing under the protection of the plastic film.

Fifth, to prevent freezing and freezing

In early spring, the temperature is low, and after the sowing, it is necessary to pay attention to weather changes and prevent cold damage and freezing damage. If the temperature is lowered, sprinkle a layer of dry fine soil on the membrane or cover it with grass. When the weather turns warm, remove the fine soil and grass cover from the membrane.

Sixth, anti-high temperature roasted seedlings

In early spring, the temperature is changeable. It is necessary to prevent freezing damage and prevent heat from roasting. When the outside temperature reached 30°C, the temperature in the pit reached about 40°C. Under this high temperature condition, it is necessary to let the air cool down and prevent the high-temperature roasted seedlings. At the time of releasing the air, 3~5cm away from the seedlings on the north side of the pit seedlings, 2-3 holes of thick holes were made in the mulch to promote ventilation within the mulch. It is advisable to let the wind blow out. It is best to be carried out from 9 to 10 in the morning to prevent sudden bursts of flashing seedlings at noon. Normally, it is cloudy with cloudy weather below 25°C. Other management can be covered with plastic film covering cultivation.

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