Strengthen Management to Correctly Prevent and Control Mushroom Scab

In the Anqiu region of Weifang City, with the continuous improvement of planting levels, many vegetable farmers began to experiment with the cultivation of some other vegetable varieties. When interviewed in Linghe Town, they met Master Li, who planted pumpkins for the first time, and his family planted a large one. A lot of young squash of zucchini got cotton rot. Master Li said that the medicine was used several times, the effect was not very good, and the market price was not optimistic. Here, the reporter reminded farmers that prevention and control should be based on the characteristics of the occurrence of diseases. When prices are low, they should strengthen management and nurture strong trees. This will lay the foundation for high-yield in the later period. Otherwise, the prices will increase, and the output will not be raised. It's even lower. Speaking of cotton rot in summer squash, high humidity is a favorable condition for the occurrence and spread of the disease. The baby stalks of zucchini are mainly used for fruit damage. The surface of the fruit in the early stage of the disease shows an oval, water-drenched, light-colored green spot. The lesions were slightly sunken when dry, and the white flocculent layer was densely stained on the lesions when the humidity was high. In the weather with high temperature and high humidity, the diseased fruit becomes perishable and soft. Speaking of prevention and treatment of zucchini rot, strengthening management is the key. The first step is to increase the temperature and humidity, use good weather, improve the ground temperature in the shed, promote root growth, and promptly ventilate and remove humidity after the ground temperature is raised to reduce the air in the shed. Humidity delays the speed of disease development. Secondly, remove the diseased fruit and burnt flowers to remove the source of the disease in time. After the disease has infected the fruit, it will become a source of infection for the disease. Special attention should be paid to it. Finally, chemical control, vegetable farmers can choose Jin Lei, Precock or copper rosin and other agents, focusing on fruit spray, once in 5 days, sprayed 2-3 times.

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