Two misunderstandings in the shed

At present, many arched greenhouses have begun to pull out gardens. When reporters interviewed Baocheng Sub-district of Changle County in Shandong Province and Jitai Town, Shouguang City, etc., they learned that vegetable farmers had the following two misunderstandings when they parked their gardens:
One is to suffocate the vegetables in the shed after closing the shelter, and then clean the garden. Because most of spring oysters are grown with watermelons, sweet peppers, and other vegetables, the vines are heavier, and many vegetable farmers are planning to save time. Before the garden is pulled out, all the outlets in the shed are closed and the vegetables are suffocated. After the shed is closed, the temperature in the shed can reach 50°C or more, so that the vegetables in the shed can easily suffocate, but when it is time to pull out the garden again, because the soil in the shed is relatively dry, part of the root system will remain in the soil. It lays the foundation for future disease development. For example, watermelons and sweet peppers have many root diseases. If the root system is not clean, pathogenic bacteria on the roots will remain in the soil and directly harm the vegetables. The correct method is to look at the soil moisture before pulling the garden. If the soil is dry, you can pour the water first. This will ensure that all the roots of the plant will be pulled out and the roots will remain in the shed.
The second is to pull out the root system first, and then wait until the plants have less water to transport them. When the root system is pulled out first, the germs still develop on the plant. At this time, the vegetable grower is no longer in management. The pest and disease will continue to develop, and it will also affect the growth of the sorghum vegetable. The correct approach is to take the plants out of the shed after pulling the garden, place them away from the sheds, and destroy them in a centralized manner. Do not wait until the water is reduced and then bring them out of the shed to create favorable conditions for pests and diseases.
After boring. The specific method will be repaired arch membrane, can not be damaged, so as not to affect the boring effect. When you are ready, close the vents and dunk for 10-15 days.


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