How to modulate hair rabbit feed

The bred rabbit hair requires a clean, moderate amount of water, which can reduce the incidence of rabbit disease and increase the digestibility of long hair rabbits on feed. Block, tuber feed, clean before feeding, to moisture, cut into thick filaments; green straw, sweet potatoes, etc., should be chopped into a shorter segment; green feed with high moisture content before drying, before feeding, to be lost One minute of water is freshly fed.

Long-haired rabbits do not like to eat feed and powder with smell. Some sweeteners can be added to prepare the feed to increase the palatability of the feed. Conditional farms and households should process concentrates and grass powders into full-priced pelleted feeds and feed them with green and juicy feeds. This will not only meet the needs of long-haired rabbits for nutrition, but also reduce the burden of manual mowing. Small-scale farmers who cannot process pellet feeds must feed water and then feed them when they are fed powdered materials to avoid coughing by long-haired rabbits inhaling powder into the trachea. The humidity can be used to hold the feed in a group by hand. No water flows out of the fingers, and when the fingers stretch out, the feed can also spread out. If you need to add fishmeal to young rabbits and lactating female rabbits, the amount should not exceed 3%, and mix well so that the processed pelleted feed will not have fishy smell.

In order to ensure the quality of forage and feedstuffs, it is necessary to “don't feed ten”: one should not feed green and grey feeds with dew and rainwater; two should not feed feeds with silt and manure; not feed on rotten, deteriorating feeds; Feeds that are contaminated with poisons such as pesticides; 5 do not feed frozen feeds; 6 do not feed sprouted potatoes and sweet potatoes with black spot; 7 do not feed uncooked soybeans or black beans; 8 do not feed toxic plants; 9 do not feed large amounts of violet Yunying can easily cause diarrhea in green fodder; ten does not feed a lot of spinach and other high oxalic acid content of green feed.

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