Irrigation Tips for Greenhouse Tomatoes

First, it must be watered according to the characteristics of different growth periods. Under normal circumstances, the tomato side of the planting watering, pouring planting water after 3 to 5 days and then pouring a larvae, until the first spike fruit, such as the size of the egg yolk and then poured once. The results of early colonization is smaller, the amount of leaf evapotranspiration is small, the number of fruit is also small, ventilation is also small, usually 7 to 10 days pouring a water, (the amount of water should be small). Later, with the growth and development of the plants, the number of fruits increases, the ventilation volume increases, and the amount of transpiration increases. The number of watering intervals and the amount of watering should be shortened to keep the soil dry and wet (mainly wet). The water can be poured for 5 to 7 days. The soil should be kept moist during the harvest period to increase the fruit weight.
Second, watering according to the characteristics of Yuci. Wintering greenhouse cultivation of wintering tomatoes, planting period is generally at the end of October, this time in addition to watering and timely planting and cultivation of soil cultivation, generally to the first fruit can sit without watering, after pouring fruit water can be added Cover the film to keep it moist and moist. If necessary, pour small water under the membrane to avoid lowering the temperature.
Increase the amount of water after the weather warms to meet the fruit growth and development. Tomatoes grown in greenhouses in early spring should be watered in time to meet their water requirements.
Third, according to growing water. The plant is dark green, with shiny, green and flat leaves and stretched heart and leaves. It is a uniform and appropriate expression of water. Such as the heart leaves are not shrinking, dark green leaves, sunny days with mild leaf sagging for the lack of water performance, to timely supply of water. If the leaves are over-expanded, the leaves are large and thin, and the leaves are spewing too much water, which is an expression of excess water.
4. Watering time in a greenhouse in one day. During the growing season, watering should be done on a sunny day. After watering, it should be ventilated and drained. It should not be watered in the afternoon, evening or rainy days. Otherwise it may cause excessive humidity in the shed, causing downy mildew and other diseases; it should not be watered at noon. , in order to avoid high temperature watering affecting the root physiological function; late hot weather, greenhouses can stay up late for large ventilation.
Fifth, watering during fruit harvesting. Tomatoes should be watered before they are harvested. This will increase the fruit's commercial value.

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