Feeding and Management Techniques for Flea Culture in Garden Fiddlefish Culture

1. Feeding: Cockroaches are omnivorous aquatic animals based on carnivorous baits. Common feeds include insects, intestines, dead birds, cockroaches, fish, snails, fly pupae, melons, bean cakes, duckweed, water grass, etc. Contact the nearby restaurants, canteens, food factories and other units to use their leftovers. The daily feed amount is 5% of the carcass weight, and it is divided into two feedings in the afternoon. Several bait stations are set in the pool, and the bait station is flooded with water. ~ 30 cm. In addition, an electric light is set in the pool, which is beneficial to care at night and attracts insects for feeding.

2. Water quality management: The conservation of cockroaches generally has a high density. Therefore, fresh water must be maintained. The holding pond should be equipped with a small water pump. The water should be flushed with water once a day or every 2 to 3 days. Transparency is about 30 centimeters. During the rearing period, the residual slag baits are often removed, and some aquatic plants such as duckweed, water peanuts, and wormwood are transplanted in the pool, which has a certain effect on keeping the water fresh.

3. Disease prevention and control: Atrophy is susceptible to red neck disease, skin disease and poor fat metabolism, etc. When abnormal activity or eating is found, the disease should be promptly picked up for sale or isolated and treated with 10 mg/L of sulfonamide. Drugs dip for 48 hours. Keep fresh food during feeding, do not feed rotten food, regularly sterilize, and pay attention to rodents.

4. Picking up and transporting: There are many ways to harvest water from Chengyu, but it is best to drain the pool and put it under the water and use it to catch it. The time for catching is generally around the Spring Festival, but it is necessary to pre-empt the pups that do not meet the market specifications, and provide special pools to keep them hibernating normally. This will facilitate the continued feeding in the coming year. The transport of plutonium can be carried out by car or boat. In bamboo baskets or packing boxes, but the number of nested layers should not exceed 3 layers to avoid crushing or suffocating death.

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