Prevention of sudden failure of combine harvester

Combine harvesters are seasonal agricultural implements. However, some combine harvesters were forced to stop repairing due to sudden failures during harvesting, so that the harvester not only lost the best working time but also brought huge economic losses to the operator. Therefore, preventing and reducing the sudden failure of the combine harvester has become a subject of great concern for the majority of the drivers and has become a prominent problem in further improving the economic benefits of the combine harvester.

1, the cause of sudden failure

There are two main causes of the sudden failure of a combine harvester: First, accidental failure caused by improper operation is generally caused by human beings, which is generally easy to avoid and prevent. Second, the sudden failure caused by excessive wear and tear of certain mechanical parts in the long-term use of the machine is caused by natural wear. If only active preventive measures are taken in use, the probability of failure can be avoided and reduced.

2, sudden failure prevention measures

For the unexpected failure of the combine harvester, as long as taking active scientific preventive measures can not only minimize the probability of occurrence, but also can promptly eliminate the fault in the bud to maintain a good technical state. Planning and purposeful technical maintenance before failures is a proactive and effective preventive comprehensive measure. Technical maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance, regular maintenance and seasonal maintenance.

Daily maintenance: It is easy to operate before and after the operation. It is not necessary to disassemble the main parts. Work content is generally: clear the machine outside the silt, wrapped grass, dust; check the external connection bolts are solid; diesel, lubricants, water is sufficient whether there is water leakage, oil leakage; according to the provisions of the various parts of lubrication oil; inspection and adjustment Tightness of transmission parts. The contents of maintenance should be carried out according to the specifications of each model.

Regular maintenance: Determine the maintenance cycle and content according to working hours. In addition to the contents of daily maintenance, the maintenance contents should be checked, replaced, and adjusted in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions of regular maintenance to eliminate hidden troubles and ensure that the machine is in good technical condition.

Seasonal maintenance: A technical maintenance performed before the machine takes a long time to park after harvesting. The main content of maintenance is to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and cleaning of the machine without leaving any grains, grass clippings, mud and other debris to clean and clean. Followed by serious maintenance according to the requirements of daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Parts with severe wear and deformation should be repaired without "disease". And do a good job of anti-rust, anti-freeze, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, anti-deformation, anti-theft and other safekeeping to ensure that the machine can be put into use after the end of storage.

3, the early judgment of sudden failure

Combine harvester will generally have certain symptoms before the occurrence of sudden failure. Early detection of symptoms is an important part to prevent sudden failures and also to create the best conditions for troubleshooting as soon as possible. Therefore, comprehensive and accurate grasp of the characteristics of various failures is an important guarantee to prevent and reduce the occurrence of sudden failures. Sudden failure generally has the following symptoms before it occurs:

The abnormal performance of the abnormal combine harvester was degraded.

Appearance Anomaly Appearances such as deformation, damage, cracking, loose connections, etc., of abnormal racks or parts.

Some areas of the abnormal temperature harvester are overheated and even smell of smoke. Normal hand touch parts or body hands can not touch the temperature is not normal.

The abnormal sound produced by the normal operation of the sound abnormal harvester is abnormal, such as impact, scratch, knock, and vibration.

Abnormally worn parts are not able to reach normal service life but are prematurely damaged or failed.

Combine harvester above symptoms is generally a precursor to the occurrence of failure must pay attention to these symptoms in accordance with the timely analysis and row out to find specific parts. The method is generally: First of all, the symptoms of the failure should be very clear and then contact the harvester's structure, working principle, the main components of the function according to institutions, sub-sites for analysis, comparison, and search; followed by multiple observations to carefully view the harvester at work There are various kinds of abnormal phenomena and symptoms appearing in the game. Again, the senses are used to distinguish between ears, noses, and hands. For a sudden failure of the combine harvester, as long as the failure analysis method can be well grasped, the familiarity with the various symptoms of the failure can fully realize the early detection and early avoidance to avoid the sudden failure.

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