Farm cattle security there are 6 methods

1, prohibition of stocking. When grazing cattle in the wild and outdoors for food, they must be watched and do not let the oxen escape from the control area of ​​the foraging.

2, lock the gate. The bullpen should be covered with a high fence or a barn, reinforced with door locks, and an anti-theft bar added. When grazing cattle are retracted from the outdoors, they must be promptly entered and the bullpen gate must be locked.

3, sheep geese and the same circle. With the high alertness and cry of sheep and geese, the goslings are in the same circle as the cows, and they can “alarm” to their owners in case of abnormal conditions.

4, install the alarm bell. When the electronic anti-theft bell wire is tied to the cow's neck and the criminal is cutting the line to steal the cow, the alarm bell can issue a scream alarm.

5, control the pin. Beef trading, cattle slaughtering and beef sales points must implement a real-name registration system. For farm cattle of unknown origin, while clarifying their identity, they should stabilize each other and report to local public security agencies in a timely manner.

6, ten joint defense. The village group should actively carry out "10 joint defenses", night shift patrol on duty, take care of each other, remind each other, do a good job security.

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