Everyone must maintain food safety

Food safety concerns the vital interests of the people and the whole society pays great attention. The State Council has specially convened a nationwide video and telephone conference on food safety and put forward clear requirements for severely cracking down on illegal food additions and strengthening the supervision of food additives. This has captured the “bull nose” of food safety work in the recent period.

China is a big country for food production and consumption. More than 1.3 billion people eat 2 million tons of food each day. For the people to rest assured, the key lies in the long-term stability and reliability of food quality and safety. In recent years, the food safety situation in China has been generally stable and good, and the vast majority of food quality and safety are guaranteed. Since 2009, the State Council has deployed and implemented nationwide food safety rectification work. With the efforts of various regions and departments, centralized governance, law enforcement inspections, and daily supervision have been significantly strengthened. Some food safety threats that threaten the health of the people have been eliminated, and the rectification work has achieved initial results.

However, we should soberly realize that China’s food safety infrastructure is weak and is constrained by factors such as the level of industrial development, the level of corporate management, the level of consumption structure, and the integrity of morality. The current food safety situation is not optimistic, and some of the illegal and irregularities have not yet been cured. New problems have occurred from time to time, and there has been repeated prohibitions. Food safety problems such as the illegal addition of foods have been exposed in a more concentrated manner and the people have responded strongly. There are also many weak links in the food safety system, laws and regulations, and technical capabilities. This has caused people's concerns about food safety to a certain extent, and has affected public confidence in food consumption.

The main responsibility of food safety lies with the producers and operators. Raising the level of food safety in our country is, in the final analysis, achieved by standardizing food production and operation activities and improving the quality and safety management level of production operators. The food industry chain is long and involves many links, and which loop has loopholes will affect the food safety in the upstream and downstream. Therefore, we must maintain a strict response to food safety violations of the high-pressure situation, timely elimination of hidden dangers in various areas, innovate food safety supervision and punishment of institutional mechanisms, strengthen law enforcement measures, increase investigation efforts, severely punish illegal criminals, resolutely eliminate poor companies , Warnings, and shocking all companies dare not go overboard. Only in this way can we effectively solve the outstanding problems that damage the interests of the people in the food safety field, reverse the grim situation of food safety, and earnestly enhance the sense of consumer safety.

If every food producer and business operator is honest and self-disciplined, they can lay a solid foundation for food safety. However, under the conditions of a market economy, if there is a lack of strict legal system constraints and effective supervision, food production and business operators will often ignore the integrity and morality under the drive of interests, and even take the risk of deterrence. Therefore, in order to maintain food safety, local governments must earnestly shoulder their responsibilities. Not because some companies contribute to localities in terms of creating output value, increasing taxes, and stimulating employment, they tend to neglect supervision and even harbor indulgent. The blood of corporate ethics is not innate, and it must be punished by strict supervision and illegal actions to allow it to go bankrupt before it can generate and boost the integrity and self-discipline of enterprises.

The people regard food as the heaven. Safety is the minimum requirement for food consumption. There is no safety, and there is no way to talk about color, flavor, and nutrition. Safety is also the highest requirement for food consumption. It is related to people's health and even lives. Food safety is overwhelming. Everyone needs safe food. Everyone must maintain food safety. Safeguarding food safety is the statutory responsibility of all food producers and operators, governments at all levels, and relevant regulatory authorities. It is necessary to continue to increase supervision and control, and to enhance the internal management capabilities of production operators by enhancing their external binding force. At the same time, it also needs the whole society to care about maintaining food safety and support the government's work. To find food safety violations, we must actively take action and report to the regulatory authorities on our own initiative instead of complaining and complaining, and we must not create anything out of the ordinary and create false information. This can only affect normal supervision work and bring consumer panic. The ultimate victim is our vast number of consumers.

In the face of China's economic development stage, facing the rapid development of the food industry and relatively weak regulatory basis, maintaining food safety is not an easy task. All localities and relevant departments must take a long-term perspective, fully understand the dangers of illegal food safety activities including illegal additions, comply with the people’s high-level concerns and strong desires, and adopt a determined attitude and strong measures to persevere. This work has been tightened and grasped, and the level of food safety protection has been effectively improved so that the majority of the people can feel comfortable and comfortable.

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