There are "three methods" for pollution-free pest control of vegetables

The use of natural pollution-free insecticides has the advantages of safety, economy, and efficiency. It is pollution-free, has no residue, is highly killing, has a short pot life, is simple in preparation, economical and practical, and has unique efficacy. It is a natural, pollution-free vegetable. Effective Ways.
Several commonly used methods are introduced as follows: 1, grass ash insecticide method: plant ash is an important farmyard fertilizer. It is rich in potassium and other minerals, has an excellent pest control effect, can be used to control onion fly, root lice, aphids, beetles and so on. There are three kinds of methods: First, the soil is applied with 30-40 kg of plant ash per acre. It is best applied to the planting ditch. After sowing or planting, the soil can be used to prevent and control rhizosphere pests. The second is direct application of the plant ash. After grinding, the dew is sprayed on the damaged parts in the morning, and 1 to 2 kg of plant ash is used per acre. The third is to spray the grass ash solution, soak 3 kg of grass ash and 10 kg of water for 3 days. Spray the leaching solution of grass and wood ash after the filter residue. Fluid volume 50 kg.
2, tobacco pest control law: tobacco insecticide, safe pollution-free, raw materials, extensive, low cost, strong insecticidal, it is mainly used to control locusts, stink bugs, fly maggots and so on. Before preparation, the waste tobacco and water shall be weighed in a ratio of 1:40. The tobacco leaves shall be shredded and then soaked in 10 parts of boiling water and covered. When the water temperature drops to about 20°C, the soaked tobacco leaves will be rubbed until no more. When the concentrated sap removes the tobacco leaves, it is put into another 10 pieces of water to continue rubbing. After 4 times of water kneading, the filter slag removes the tobacco leaves, and the tobacco juice is completely mixed for field pest control. The spraying amount per acre is about 50 kilograms.
3, castor leaf insecticide method: ramie raw materials are readily available, the insecticidal effect is good, after spraying, there is also the effect of organic fertilizer on the crop. This method can effectively prevent vegetable worms, cabbage caterpillars, maggots, ground tigers, beetles, diamondback moth and other pests. The ramie leaf pod juice may be added with water for 3 to 5 times, soaked for 12 hours and then sprayed with foliar. The ramie leaf may also be dried after being ground into powder and then mixed with soil. It is also possible to add castor bean oil to water 5 times and rub it for 12 hours. . When the application is selected to spray on a sunny evening, 20 ~ 40 kg per acre of the liquid, must pay attention to with the use.


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