Japan has developed a robot that can deliver surgical forceps to doctors.

Release date: 2008-03-10

Japan has developed a robot that can deliver surgical forceps to doctors.
The Japan Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and Nagoya University have announced that the two organizations have jointly developed a robot that can deliver surgical forceps to doctors. It can distinguish the instructions issued by doctors and accurately transfer and retrieve surgical forceps to doctors.
According to media reports here, the two agencies said in a press release that the robot consists mainly of a rotatable bracket that suspends the surgical forceps and a robotic arm that transmits the forceps. The stent can be hung up to 20 surgical forceps, each with a barcode attached. All the pliers to be used in the operation need to be registered in the system before the operation.
After the operation begins, the doctor wearing the headset and microphone will give the name of the required surgical forceps. In the screen displayed on the system monitor, the selected surgical forceps will be marked. If the doctor determines that he wants the pliers, just give A positive answer, the bracket will transfer the selected pliers to the robot arm to obtain the angle of the pliers, and then the robot takes out the surgical forceps and hands it to the doctor. After use, the doctor simply places the surgical forceps in the robot's tray and the robot will put the pliers back into the holder. At this point, the system will read the barcode again to confirm that the pliers have returned to their original position on the stand.
According to the press release, surgical tongs are a necessary tool in surgery, and it is necessary for a doctor or nurse with professional knowledge to be able to correctly deliver the surgical forceps to the surgeon during the operation. However, the current shortage of nurses around the world, this robot can help alleviate the shortage of nurses. The researchers plan to put this robot into practical use as early as possible on the basis of animal experiments. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association


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