What causes winter vegetables can easily cause greenhouse damage

In winter, crops in greenhouses often suffer from fertilizer burning, ammonia hazards and nitrite poisoning.

Ammonia poisoning hazards are divided into traumatic and internal injuries. Trauma hazards mainly damage the leaves of the seedlings, and the leaf margin tissues first become brown and then become white. Water-soaked spots occur first around the leaves, and they die when they are severe. Internal damage is generally a large amount of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer applied to cause high concentration of soil solution, vegetable absorption of nutrients blocked, increased cell permeation resistance, severe reverse osmosis occurs, the root loss of water becomes brown, leaves turn yellow.

Poor ventilation in winter sheds can easily produce fertilizer and gas damage. In the past few years, farmers have used fertilizers to produce fertilizers. The main reasons are as follows: excessive application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizers; application of manure and soybean meal that have not been fully fermented and fermented; organic fertilizers such as urea or ammonium bicarbonate; soil drying ; ventilation is not timely. Although the damage is not a disease, once it occurs, if it is handled improperly, it can be completely destroyed in 1-2 days, and the loss caused is distressing.

Prevention measures: watering in time, the soil can not be too dry, we must maintain a moist state. Some vegetable farmers are prone to controlling the seedlings, control the water over their heads, and are prone to ammonia poisoning. Combined with watering at the seedling stage, it can be sprayed to boost the strength of the plant. Do not use chemical fertilizers in sheds. Instead, you have to put a lid on the soil and apply watering. The applied organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed before application. Do not overdosed with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Under the condition of ensuring the temperature of seedlings, try to open the window to make it ventilate and ventilate, and reduce ammonia gas in the shed. The occurrence of fertilizer damage, timely watering, the effect is better.

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