Water pill machine

Water Pill Machine Introduction:
The water pill machine is suitable for small pharmaceutical factories, medium-sized pharmaceutical factory trial rooms, Chinese medicine research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine stores, on-site processing and sales points, food factory pellet food development and other units . The water pill machine is small in size and light in weight. It can be used in one machine, with stable performance, simple operation, convenient cleaning, safe power saving, low noise and beautiful appearance. The parts and appearances in contact with the drug are all made of stainless steel, in line with GMP standards. It can produce water pills, and can also be used for coating, drying and polishing of pelleted foods.

one, Precautions
1. Please read this manual before operating this manual and keep it for future reference.
2. Any modification that is not approved by the authority shall result in inoperability, and the responsibility shall be borne by the user.
3. When operating, there should be no other unrelated items on the work surface. Place it on a stable surface. When confirming the power supply voltage, the power supply should be close to the table. The power socket should have a reliable grounding wire. It is strictly forbidden to pull the power cable hard to prevent human fall, breakage and other accidents.
4. When the work is over, please turn off the power.
5 , can not overload the socket, otherwise it will cause fire or motor damage.
6. Do not put foreign objects in the work to avoid damage.
7. If the power cord is damaged (such as bare wire exposed, etc.), please replace the dedicated power cord or go to the local office maintenance department to purchase and replace. In case of failure of the switch or socket, it must be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to change the line to continue to use. The opening or socket of the same specification should be replaced in time to avoid mechanical and personal accidents.
8. The applicable ambient temperature of this machine is -5 °C to 40 °C, and the relative humidity is less than 90% . There is no conductive dust and corrosive metal gas around, and it is placed in a ventilated and clean place.
9. When the machine is not in use, it must be placed in a reliable and clean place for use. A small amount of clean anhydrous cooking oil should be applied to the exposed part of the water pill coating to prevent floating rust.
10 , after each shift, you should clean up the inside. When cleaning the machine, the main power supply must be cut off and the power plug must be unplugged to avoid personal accidents. It is strictly forbidden to wash the whole machine or electric heater directly with water. When the unit is not in use, it must be placed in a dry, clean and ventilated place. During the use of electric heaters, it is strictly forbidden to contact with water to prevent electrical conduction and cause personal accidents such as electric shock.
11, the unit supporting the grinding equipment can choose our medicine flow-LH-08B mill or to XFB-400 g of 500 g of Chinese medicine grinder swing.
two, Structural features
1. This machine is composed of components such as pelletizing drum, motor and heater.
2 , a multi-purpose machine, easy to remove and wash.
3 , small size.
4 , light weight.
5 , stable performance.
6 , easy to operate.
7 , low noise.
8 , beautiful shape.
9 , easy to clean.
10 , safe and energy saving.
11. The parts in contact with the drug and the outer casing are all made of stainless steel and comply with GMP standards.
three, Instructions
1. Before using the unit, turn on the power, turn on the switch, and turn the machine for 1-2 minutes to confirm that the machine is running normally before starting work.
2. Wipe the inner wall of the roller and the part where the pill is in contact with medical alcohol, and do disinfection.
3 , preparation before pelleting, mold: After the millet is cooked, use a standard sieve to remove larger particles, and screen out smaller particles of uniform size. Sprinkle a layer of powder on the surface of the screened millet and shake the sieve to wrap the layer of Chinese medicine powder on the surface of the millet. At this point, the mold required for the water pill is formed.
4. Pour the mold into the drum, open the machine, make the mold move circularly in the drum, sprinkle the Chinese medicine powder on both sides of the drum with a long spoon, and spray the water to the bottom of the drum with a watering can. Repeat this step continuously to allow the mold to roll continuously until the desired size of the water pill is formed. Note: During the operation, a small spoon can be used to remove a small pill and observe whether the pill has reached the required size.
5 , discharge: use the random plastic brush and shovel into the drum, the water pill that is still doing circular motion will fall into the shovel, you can take out the pill. Note: The machine can't stop running during the discharge process, otherwise it will affect the shape of the water pill.
6. Polishing method: Put the filtered water pill into the drum to make the water pill continuously roll. The longer the rolling time, the smoother the surface of the water pill.
7. Drying method: When the water pill is in the polishing process, the electric heating switch is turned on, and the pill can be dried.
four, Accessories
Number of accessories
power cable
Dedicated power cord
Long spoon
Daily necessities
Plastic shovel
Daily necessities
Daily necessities
Water sprinkler
Daily necessities
Fives, Trouble and troubleshooting

Common faults of this machine
Method of exclusion
The power must be turned off to perform the following operations
1. After the machine is powered on, the motor does not rotate.
1. The power cord is not in good contact or the power plug is loose.
2. Poor contact in the switch.
1. Repair the power supply or change the plug of the same specification.
2 , repair or exchange the same size switch
2. When the unit is working, the motor stops rotating suddenly.
1 , capacitor short circuit
1. Go to the local office maintenance department and have professional maintenance.
3 , the heater fails to heat
1. The plug is loose or the power cord is off.
2 , heater heating wire is blown
1 Replace the same size plug or repair the power socket
2 , to the local office maintenance department, repaired by professionals
Technical Parameters:
1. Function: It can produce water pill and pelletized food coating, drying, etc.
2 , pelleting specifications: 0.2-8 mm
3 , production volume: 2-15 kg / hour
4 , motor power: host power: 0.37KW , heating plate power: 1.2KW
5 , motor shaft speed: 1440 rev / min
6 , size size: 560 × 600 × 780mm
7 , weight: 40kg

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