Potato gold nematode disease

Symptoms are also known as potato cyst nematode disease, which is a potato devastating disease. Potatoes can be affected from the seedling stage to the adult stage. After the potato was damaged by the golden nematode, the plants grew poorly, and the leaves were spotted or yellowed, and the leaves were wilting or dead. When the roots of the disease were removed, the cyst formed after death of the golden yellow potato cyst nematode was observed. It is mainly distributed in most countries in the United States, Europe, and a few countries in Asia. It is the object of foreign inspection in China.

Pathogen Globodera rostochiensis (Wollenweber) Behrens called the potato golden nematode (Golden bulbous cyst nematode), belonging to the genera Nematoda spp. Synonyms Heterodora rostochiensis Wollenweber. The golden nematode is male and female. The female is spherical or nearly spherical. The neck is short and is golden yellow when mature. The surface has an engraved dot and forms a golden yellow to brown spherical cyst. The male shape is linear, with 1 pair of crossing thorns, located at the tail end, without spores.

Transmission pathways and onset conditions wintering with cysts in diseased tubers, diseased roots, and diseased soils. Under the stimulation of host secretions, Hunchun springs out of the eggs in the resting cysts of the soil. The instar larvae invade the potato roots, develop 3-4 larvae in the root tissue, and develop into adults and then drill to the roots. On the surface, the male returns to the soil and the female remains attached to the surface of the root after fertilization and grows into a new cyst. The female swelled the cyst exposing and contained dozens to hundreds of eggs. The females are white when they have just drilled, and golden brown during the next 4-6 weeks, unlike other nematodes. In addition to harming potatoes, it can also harm tomatoes. The insect is highly resistant. Under dry conditions, eggs do not die for 9-25 years.

Prevention and control methods (1) Areas not yet subject to quarantine shall be used to prevent the spread of seed potatoes, seedlings, flower bulbs and soil. Seed potatoes for transport as far as possible without soil, such as with soil should pay attention to whether there is a female or cyst in the soil. (2) Perform more than 10 years of rotation in the area where the disease occurs. (3) Breeding resistant varieties

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