Chestnut Silicon Window Modified Bag Storage

Collect chestnut fruit in a dark, ventilated room for 3 to 4 days to cool the heat and evaporate water. Then remove rotten fruit, pest fruit, broken fruit and tender fruit. Put the selected chestnut into clean water and stir it thoroughly to wash away the sediment and remove the floating inferior fruits. After taking out the dried product, it was sterilized by immersing it in a 500-fold solution of thiophanate methyl solution for 3 minutes. A 100 cm 80 cm high-pressure polyethylene film was used to make a fresh-keeping bag, and a dimethylsiloxane-based rubber film (0.08 mm thick) was inserted in the middle as a gas exchange window. Silicon window area of ​​85 square centimeters, storage capacity of 25 kg per bag. Add 12 grams of CT-3 high-efficiency oxygen scavenger to the fresh-keeping bag. The gas window of the silicon window can be stored under low oxygen (about 3%). This method of storage and preservation has all the special research on the agricultural mechanization research of Nanjing Ministry of Agriculture.

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